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Datum: 11. SEP 18 - GOOD TO KNOW
Have you ever thought that snooze can also be harmful?
A group of Belgian psychologists found that the snooze caused bad mood, irritability, depression and stress. Do not use snooze alerts!

For a person, the transition from sleep to awakening is extremely important. The shorter the passage, the better your health. But those who are hard to get up each morning need to think about what you're doing wrong in your life?

The Belgian survey showed that 70% of people that use an alarm clock with snooze(all cell phones have this option), are more irritating at work, are in a bad mood and constantly complaining about overloading.

40% of the headaches that we think are migraine are due to a lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep. If you think that you are doing something good for yourself if you snooze for 5, maybe 10, 15 minutes, you're wrong. The body is no longer regenerated as it is. More! When you find out in a few minutes that you are late to work or school, your body is under severe stress, as if you were exposed to constant psychological pressure for 4 hours at work.

So do not use alarm with snooz!

Instead, try some simple tips:
- go to bed half an hour earlier(you can not even think how much can help this)

- in the bedroom turn off all the devices that produce blue light, which have fans and the ones that uses electrical power supplies (they are churning all the time, which can be especially heard at night)

- think of an alarm clock that produces more light every hour (there are also phone applications for this)

- and again: the alarm clock should only have one ringing tone, avoid snooze, and do not use prewarning, overturns, radio music instead of ringing ...
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