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Datum: 11. SEP 18 - GOOD TO KNOW
5 most common mistakes at dinner. Avoid them!
At breakfasts, we usually hurry, we do not have time for lunch, and dinners are mostly a real disaster.
It's true that breakfasts are the most important meals, but we make so many mistakes at dinners that they are even harmful. Here are the most common mistakes you should consider.

1. Calories

Dinner should never be abundant. Especially not the most abundant meal of the day! A dinner should be a light meal with a maximum of 500 calories.

2. Serve the food gradually

At dinner, never place all the food at the table at once, because you will eat everything you have available. Instead, serve small portions, and between first and the second serving, it should be at least 10 minutes for the stomach to digest all the food. Dinner parties with more servings should be an exception.

3. Television

Do not watch television at dinner. During any meals, you should not be tempted, but at least during dinner. Eat slowly, concentrated and without distracting stimuli.

Even that ... Always keep in mind that the television program is designed to stir your appetite!

4. Salt

Salty dishes are poison for dinners. Instead of salt, put other spices on the table, such as oregano, thyme and others.

5. Have dinner at home

When you eat at home, it's easier to control calories, but it's true that the refrigerator is a bigger temptation. Dinners outside usually contain more fat and sugar. The worst dinner choice is fast food.

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