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Datum: 20. SEP 21 - GOOD TO KNOW
Why are weekend headaches so dangerous?
If you often have a headache on weekends, then you have a problem. Big problem!
Weekend headaches are becoming an established medical concept and are the result of a rapid pace and, above all, stress in the workplace. The fact is that the body is habituated on a stopped weekly rhythm that is broken during the weekend if we sleep longer, we go to sleep later, we do not get morning cups of coffee,breakfast... If you have a weekend headache, then this is why, because the body starts to produce additional hormones due to stress at a specific time, because otherwise they could not function. If there are no such hormones, a biological clock breaks down and headaches develop, but it is a sign that you are under stress and that you need to change something as soon as possible.

What is the solution?

1. Wake up at the same hour as during the week

Biological clock is very important and do not bend it unnecessarily. Get up at the same hour, do the same morning ritual as every day... If you want to lie down a little, you can still do it for an hour or two after breakfast. Otherwise, make sure that the day between the weekends is as close as possible to the day during the week.

2. Drink coffee at the same time

If you got used to a morning coffee or a cup of tea, smoothie or exercise, then do not ignore it during the weekend. Get up in time and make a plan for your day during your coffee. You will see that you will feel better.

3. Eat an extensive and quality breakfast

If you do not have time for breakfast during the week, or you do not pay enough attention to it, you can make up for a delay during the weekend. In fact, you will see the importance of a quality morning breakfast, which will give you energy throughout the day. In this case, try the weekend rule (extensive breakfast) to practice during the week.

4. Beware of stress

If you are stressed during the week, the body will also expect the same stress during the weekend. Of course, this does not mean that you should be stressed during the weekend, but that other days you have to watch the level of stress. You will do the most for your health if you also take care at your work that something insignificant little can not get out of the track.

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