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Datum: 9. OCT 21 - HEALTHY & BEAUTY
5 things you should not put in a smoothie
With these six ingredients, you can even ruin a healthy smoothie to the point that it becomes even harmful.
1. Ice cream
Never put bought ice cream in the smoothie. The reason is in excessive amounts of sugar and calories. There is no problem if you have a healthy home made ice cream.

2. Sugar
Never use sugar for your smoothie. Do not use white sugar or even brown one. Honey is not reccomended either, and obviously artificial sweeteners should not be used too. Healthy smoothie does not need to be sweetened. Preserve natural taste, and you will also save a lot of calories.

3. Fruit yogurt
The American Heart Association estimated that men should consume 37.5 grams a day and women 25 grams of sugar a day. This is the amount of sugar found in one small cup of yogurt. Since sugar is also found in all other ingredients, sugar from fruit yoghurt is completely redundant. Fruit yogurt contains completely unnecessary calories, which prevent losing weight and recover.

4. Juice
Due to the enormous amount of sugar, do not thin the smoothie with fruit juices. Do not fall for advertisement such as "100% natural juice" and similar. Purchased juices have so little nutrients and so much sugar that you unnecessarily ruin the smoothie. Remember one more thing: the biggest advantage of home-made natural juices is fiber. In home made juices they are found in big quantities, and almost none in bought ones.

5. Powdered protein
Men should eat 56 grams a day and women 46 grams of protein. Do not use artificial proteins, but rather eat more cereals and more vegetables. Eat at least 2 to 3 meals a day.
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