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Datum: 8. OCT 21 - GOOD TO KNOW
3 tips on how to use parsley that will surprise you
Parsley has a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We only need to use it smartly and properly and it will work wonders.
Although it seems that we know parsley quite well, we always discover some other secret. Combinations with other foods are further enhanced by its purification function. It cleanses the blood, skin and the entire digestive tract extremely good.

Beside that, did you know that 23 grams of parsley has 70% of the required daily vitamin C and 30% of vitamin A? As it increases the secretion of sodium from the kidneys and water from the body, it increases the absorption of potassium. Chinese herbalists used it for lowering the pressure. Indian tribes cured bladder problems with it.

Nowadays, parsley is used in the whole range of dishes. We can hardly imagine fish dishes without parsley. Parsley is also an integral part of the herbal bouquet used for soups. Many add it to lettuce sauce. For example, the Trieste sauce is a mixture of parsley, garlic and olive oil (we can not imagine healthier ingredients)...

But despite its versatile use, we could consume parsley in even bigger quantities, but be careful. Too much parsley also has side effects. Skin reactions, irritability, and complications during menstrual cycles may appear. Pregnant women should be careful because parsley stimulates the heart rate of the fetus. Problems can arise with people who take drugs...

1. Parsley against obesity and cellulite

Chop parsley into tiny pieces, add lemon juice and some drops of maple or agave syrup if you want, and drink it on empty stomach. If you do this regularly for at least a week, you will quickly see the changes. Parsley is a diuretic, lemon reduces appetite, and your kilograms will visibly dissolve. You will be surprised at the effect of this beverage yourself. Just make sure you drink enough water during the day, and some exercise will certainly not hurt either.

2. Parsley against cancer

Add some pineapple and plenty of parsley into the mixer. You can also sweeten with maple syrup, but do not overdo it. Drink juice throughout the day and try not to consume any other food. Drink plenty of water, because this beverage has extraordinary cleansing properties. It is especially effective in inhibiting the formation of tumors, fibroids, cysts...

3. Parsley against arthritis and rheumatism

About 20 minutes before a meal, prepare a beverage from carrot, piece of ginger and some parsley sprigs. Put all the ingredients in the mixer to get a liquid drink, but it is important to prepare it fresh, because stale juices lose a lot of nutrients due to oxidation.

Another thing... If you decide to try one of the above tips, be careful and monitor the changes in your body. Every pharmacist will tell you that parsley as a spice is not controversial, but is even banned as a herb.
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