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What wrinkles on your face say about your health
From facial wrinkles, we can read things, that will surprise you. Make sure you pay attention to each new wrinkle that may appear.
Each of us has probably noticed a wrinkle, which was no longer visible the next day. Facial wrinkles can be a sign that something is wrong with your health, so pay attention to them. Most scientists and doctors are convinced that the face is directly linked to all parts of the body. Each facial wrinkle has its own meaning. We present to you some of the simplest methods how to read them.

1. Horizontal lines on the forehead

These are also called 'worry lines' and usually vary in amount you have. Remember, the more lines there are, more stressed you probably are. You need more rest and relaxation. You are in need of a vacation.

Forehead is directly linked to the stomach and may also mean that you are either consuming too much sugar or fat, or that you are not drinking enough water. If you pay attention, you will see that the number of wrinkles on the forehead changes throughout the day.

2. Wrinkle near the left eyebrow

This particular vertical wrinkle indicates liver weakness. At the same time, it also means that you should eat more vegetables, more fruit and whole grains, and that you need to reduce the amount of coffee and spices, especially salt. If this wrinkle does not disappear for several weeks or becomes less prominent, ask your doctor for a liver check.

3. Wrinkle near the right eyebrow

This wrinkle is associated with the spleen. The bigger it is, the more there is the potential for problems. This part of the face is also associated with the pancreas and may indicate a problem with sugar. Eat dried fruits instead of sweet biscuits, cakes and other pastries.

4. Nose wrinkle

Wrinkle in this part indicates seasonal allergies or problems with libido. Wrinkle is more pronounced when you are nervous, irritable, and eat food that belongs to the group of aphrodisiacs: garlic, rosemary, mint, parsley, anise ... In any case, avoid carbohydrates.

5. Wrinkles on the corner of the eye

These wrinkles are often referred to as laughing wrinkles, and nowadays they usually result from too much screen, telephone or TV viewing. However, these wrinkles are associated with quite a few internal organs such as the stomach, kidneys and liver. The more and deeper they are, the more problems you have with digestion. We recommend consuming dishes that improve digestion: probiotic yoghurts, various seeds, ginger, turmeric, parsley...

6. Dark circles

Wrinkles under eyes, usually accompanied by many-colored rings, are mostly a sign of lack of quality sleep, but also indicate problems with the kidneys. You should eat more fruits and vegetables and drink more fluids throughout the day.

Dark circles can also be caused by problems in cardiovascular system, so we recommend you include more foods in your menu for better blood circulation: horseradish, garlic, parsley, lemons ... In any case, reduce the amount of bread, baked products and processed foods as quickly as possible.

7. Brown spots on the cheek

Lighter spots are associated with lung problems, while darker with internal organs. In the case of lungs, you can avoid these spots with a run in the morning (running on an empty stomach is especially good if you want to lose weight), otherwise try to eat more varied foods and drink plenty of fluids. And remember this: There is never too much vitamin C.

8. Acne at the top of the nose

Red nose or intense acne indicates problems with the blood and blood pressure (mainly the increased blood pressure). These symptoms may also indicate heart problems. We recommend that you avoid too much spicy food, alcohol and coffee. You should eat more avocados (due to healthy fats) and fish.

9. Wrinkle on the corner of the mouth

Many people have visible wrinkles in these parts, but they are directly related to the nerves and colon. More significant wrinkles also mean that you need to eat foods rich in fiber and vitamin D. Also, try less to eat and drink more.

10. Smile lines

These wrinkles are more pronounced and deeper in people who laugh out loud a lot and frequently. Laughter is useful for both mental and physical health, on the other hand, problems with pancreas are shown in such way. It is recommended to eat more blueberries, cherries, grapes, garlic and spinach (raw is better than cooked).

11. Wrinkle above the upper lip

It is true that these wrinkles also occur with age, they are especially visible with people who smoke and are also associated with spleen. We recommend you start consuming more beets and carrots.

12. Spots on lips
Spots on lips may occur due to different reasons. They may be a result of poor blood circulation (in this case, you lack exercise). There may be problems with the colon. Or problems with the liver. Try fasting one day, while drinking as much water as possible.

13. Jowl

People with excessive body weight usually have more visible jowl, however this may also be a sign of problems with thyroid. In this case you lack mineral (especially zinc and magnesium). Give up bread and bakery products for some time.

14. Rings around the pupils

If you feel that you have a significantly darker border around your pupils, this may be due to elevated cholesterol or heart problems. (risk of heart attack). Eat more vegetables and less saturated trans fats. Add more nuts to your daily diet.

15. Veins on forehead sides

Emphasized veins on forehead are signs of hypertension. For starters, 3km or a half hour walk will help. We also recommend some simple exercises (yoga is ideal for this) and we advise you to enjoy an unplanned weekend holiday. As for food, you should completely abandon salt and eat a banana before going to sleep instead of a full dinner.

16. Wrinkles below lip

This is a wrinkle that is characteristic of pessimists and people with too much negativity. If you belong to this group of people yourself, then watch out for the acidity of the body. Think positively, help other people, and stop complaining all the time. Can this be somehow helped with food? Bananas, chocolate and raw spinach can keep your spirit positive.
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