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How to Get Rid of Body Odors?
We offer you 5 tips to help you smell less of sweat in the summer. The solution isn't just in deodorants but also in daily diet and hygiene ...
1. Shaving Underarms
Shaving your underarms can reduce odors by half. If you’re shaved all over, you'll have significantly fewer odor issues. However, once you start practicing this method of odor removal, you will need to regularly maintain shaving.

2. Showering
Regular showering during the hot summer months always helps. The only question is how many times a day... In the morning, it's a must, in the evening, it's recommended, and if you shower in the middle of the day, it's optimal. It doesn't have to be thorough showering; just rinsing with running water, which should be as hot as possible, is enough. If you shower with hot water, you will feel pleasantly cool when you step out of the bathroom.

One more thing... Don’t overdo it with towel drying. It's enough to just pat the moisture off your skin with a thick terrycloth towel.

3. Spicy Food
Spicy food increases sweating, so don't eat spicy food in the morning, as you'll have sweating issues all day. If you eat spicy food in the evening, it will help you sleep and speed up digestion, and a hot shower can completely stop the sweating.

4. Cotton Clothes
Synthetic materials prevent the skin from breathing and regulating body temperature... The more synthetic material you wear, the more you'll sweat. If the synthetic material is contaminated with chemicals for durability, you'll smell like cheap, stinky Chinese plastic. The solution to this problem is cotton.

Regarding clothing, there’s one more thing: we sweat to cool our bodies. So, if you’re hot, taking off your last shirt isn’t the solution, as your skin will lose moisture faster in the air and overheat.

5. Deodorants
Deodorants should be alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, which doesn't mean the product won't cause allergies, but that it doesn't increase the likelihood of developing allergies. Also, make sure the deodorant doesn’t leave stains, and products based on perfume don't help in the summer heat.
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