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Do you go to the bathroom at night? Is it a disease?
The condition of going to the bathroom at night is called nocturia, and it has been proven to reduce sleep quality. We need to be particularly attentive to this in children.
Do you go to the bathroom at night? Or do any of your loved ones do this? If you drank a lot of fluids or ate foods with a laxative effect the evening before, there's no need to worry. However, if you haven't eaten or drunk anything unusual, frequent nighttime bathroom visits could be a sign of serious health issues. In any case, it disrupts sleep, which raises blood pressure and increases the risk of a heart attack.

It's true that the occurrence of nocturia is more common in older people. You don't need to worry if you go to the bathroom once at night. You should be more attentive if you get up three or more times a night, and this repeats for several consecutive days. In this case, it's best to visit a urologist as soon as possible, as this could be a sign of a heart attack risk, severe diabetes, kidney damage, or high blood pressure.

The frequency of bathroom visits often depends on food. The strongest diuretics, foods that promote fluid excretion, include asparagus, ginger, lemons, cabbage, melons, and to a lesser extent, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, Brussels sprouts, oats, dandelion, garlic, cranberry juice, parsley, celery, green tea, fennel... Remember, removing excess fluid from the body is good for your health, but you need to drink enough water to cleanse your body.

One more thing: overweight people tend to go to the bathroom more often.

Poor sleep has its negative consequences. Chronic sleep deprivation increases the hormone ghrelin, which boosts appetite, weakens the immune system, and raises blood sugar levels. Insufficient sleep decreases insulin sensitivity, and due to a weakened immune system, small inflammations (often in the gums) can occur, which can spread if the condition persists.

A high level of the hormone ghrelin in the body is dangerous for another reason. If you drive the next day, you may experience so-called micro-sleeps throughout the day. Keep this in mind the next time you go on a trip.
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