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Datum: 2. MAY 18 - HEALTHY & BEAUTY
Most common mistake people make when using turmeric
Turmeric is considered to be extremely healing and universal spice, but only if you can use it properly.
Turmeric has been recognized for centuries as a spice and an important ingredient in Chinese and Indian traditional medicine. The world only heard of turmeric a decade ago, and its positive effects are still being discovered by modern science.

Turmeric has a problem however, that many do not know about. Nutritional substances in turmeric happen to be soluble in fat. Therefore, you should always eat turmeric with healthy fats.

In India, they dissolve a tablespoon of turmeric powder and a spoon of coconut oil into 3 tablespoons of milk. They eat this on an empty stomach, as well as in the evening before bedtime, because this blend has all-round healing effects.

It is very useful in preventing internal inflammation, it acts anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, regulates digestion and melts fat. Even if you want to correct your digestion a little, eat this mixture on an empty stomach.

Lastly, advice: mixture of turmeric, milk and coconut oil, named golden milk can be stored in a refrigerator for a few days.
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