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Avoid foods that cause hair loss
Hair loss occurs with both men and women. Lack of vitamins, stress, and even seasons are not the only reasons for this occurance.
Hair loss can occur due to several factors, but it is largely influenced by an irregular diet as well. Incorrect in a way that it does not contain enough vitamins and minerals, but also because it does not calm us down and fill us with energy, but it creates even more stress and more tension in the body. Therefore, if you have problems with hair loss, avoid the following foods:

1. Greasy fish

The fish have a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which is good for the skin and hair, but excess fat in greasy fish also contains large amounts of zinc that accelerates hair loss. Try to avoid greasy fish by all means, which should not apply to healthy and solid fish. Nutritionists advise at least 2 to 3 fish meals a week.

2. Sugar

Sugar is bad for the body as well as skin and greatly accelerates hair loss. This is especially evident in men. Sugar promotes the formation of hormones that weaken the scalp.

3. Detoxification

Internal cleaning processes are very important, but not for hair. During the cleaning or detoxification of the body, the amount of daily lost hair can be doubled, even tripled. In addition, it is good to know that more than two cups of green tea are tiring and straining the scalp. Yes, even because of tea, hair loss can occur faster.

4. Vitamin A deficiency

Vitamin A is not only important for skin and eyes, but for hair as well. You will also find it in carrot, peppers and green vegetables.

5. Pasta

Pasta is the worst choice for hair. A meal of pasta in your body breaks down into simple sugar. Too much sugar and carbohydrates means fewer proteins and in the long run, faster hair loss.

6. Salt

Did you know that we cannot get rid of the excess salt from just one meal for the entire week? In addition, salt retains water, blocks blood circulation ... Too much salt increases hair loss by 30 percent.
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