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Datum: 2. NOV 18 - HEALTHY & BEAUTY
Why should we eat this carrot mixture right now?
This mixture works as a cure against colds, flu and other respiratory diseases. Make sure you have a healthy transition to winter ...
Carrot is a very popular vegetable. Because it contains a lot of beta carotene, which promotes the development of vitamin A, it is very popular for improving the health of the eyes and skin, but it also has many other properties that we can take advantage of, if only if we add a little honey.


• 1/2 kilo of carrots
• 5 spoons of honey


Clean the carrot and cut into slices. Put it in a bowl and add water that will completely cover it. Boil the water and let it boil until the carrots soften. Then remove the pot and wait for it to cool slightly.

Then make puree from carrots. Leave it a little so it cools down to room temperature (the ideal temperature is 36 degrees Celsius) and then add honey. Mix well, pour into a glass jar and place it in a dark and cold place.

Eat 3 to 4 tablespoons a day before each meal.
This mixture effectively prevents and treats colds, cough, reduces mucus in the lungs, contains a lot of vitamin C and vitamin complex B. It strengthens the immune system and protects against flu, colds and other respiratory diseases.
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