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Datum: 18. JUN 18 - HEALTHY & BEAUTY
An energy dinner for overnight weight loss
Ideal dinner with low calories, high nutritional value, cleansing effect and especially excellent fat melting function.
Fruit and cereal combinations are extremely effective in improving health and managing metabolism, not to mention this combination melts fat and satiates appetite. With it, your figure will be leaner, and in the morning, you will wake up more relaxed and with more energy.

Orange in this combination provides the required amount of vitamin C and it also contains a lot of antioxidants that disable free radicals, which are responsible for cell damage.

The carrot acts as a diuretic and is rich in vitamins. It makes sure that poisons are removed from the body.

The pineapple contains a digestive enzyme called bromelain that accelerates fat degradation in the body and is also rich in vitamins and minerals.

The third important ingredient is oats, which cleanses the intestines, satiates appetite and improves physical and mental well-being.


- Juice from 2 squeezed oranges

- 1 carrot

- 2 slices of pineapple

- 2 spoons of oats

- 1 dcl of water


Mix all the ingredients together, grind the carrot and cut the pineapple into small pieces (do not use the blender, let the whole pieces be felt in the mixture). Allow the mixture to stand for 10 minutes and eat it about half an hour before going to bed.

You know why this is such a good drink?

Because it purifies your body when you sleep and removes excessive weight as well. Similarly to tooth brushing. In the evening, we brush them for health and in the morning for beauty.

You be the judge of what is more important.
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