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Datum: 12. SEP 18 - HEALTHY & BEAUTY
Does your feet hurts? No problem!
In the summer, when we walk more or we are all day on feet, it often happens that your feet are drowsy in the evening. There are several reasons for this, but fortunately there is a natural and simple way to eliminate this inconvenience.

Painful feet are a frequent, painful and forceful unpleasant phenomenon that can drag on for several days, and this will make you unwilling, unlucky, and rightly concerned. Painful legs and swollen joints can also be a sign of a whole range of serious illnesses. Just remember how with the massage of certain centers on the feet, we can regulate the health of the whole organism. The feet are the control panel of our body.

If you have already dealt with painful feet with a wide variety of creams, but without success, try this advice.

You need:

• 1 lemon
• Sock
• moisturizing cream or coconut oil


Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the juice out of it. Then put the skimmed lemon on the heelfoot and put over your sock. Leave it for at least 30 minutes. Of course, in the meantime, rest and relax (do not do this during a meal, work - watching TV is perfectly fine, since at that time the least burdens is on the organism).

After 30 minutes, remove the sock and lemon.

Lemon contains oils that soften and regenerate the skin, which means that old and dead skin is easier to remove. Cracks that often occur on heels can be completely eliminated by using this method in 2 to 3 days.

Only then apply a moisturizer to the foot, but it is better to use coconut oil. This will help your skin stay smooth and flexible for a long time.
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