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Datum: 10. OCT 21 - GOOD TO KNOW
Do not count calories, count bites
Counting calories is otherwise a very effective method of weight loss, but unfortunately it is impractical and therefore useless. It's rare that you know how many calories a particular dish has.
More and more nutritionists agree that counting calories is so impractical that it is useless. That is why they suggest that you use different tactics: counting bites.

Try to count the bites by first measuring how much you eat and how many bites you do on a normal day. Count the bites for at least a week, because the ways of eating are changing by day. Especially, if you are still at work place.

Once you know how many bites you make, you can start losing weight. It is optimal to reduce the number of bites by 10 to 20 percent. You will not feel excessive hunger, especially if you are eating evenly throughout the day. The worst thing is if you do not eat anything throughout the day, and in the evening you eat excessively. This is the guaranteed fastest way to get fat.

Although counting might seem tiring at first, you will soon get used to it when you see the first effects. 20 percent less bites for lunch and especially for dinner can mean a lot, and in addition, people love measurable goals.

Of course, when you first reduce the bites by a fifth and maybe do the same in the second step, you must be aware that the constant number of bites cannot be reduced. So, instead of number, start thinking about quality and size. We do not recommend that you reduce your bites by more than a third. Instead, you should have as many green vegetables as possible on your menu, and in the afternoon, avoid sugar, even if it is in fruit.
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